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We are a team of inter* educators, inter* counsellors and inter* activists at TransInterQueer e.V.

Inter* ?
By inter* (maybe also known as “intersex” to many english speakers) we mean bodies, that do not (entirely) meet the normative expectations of “female” or “male” sex characteristics. Inter* Variations can be “discovered” at any moment in life: before or at birth, in childhood and youth, during puberty or as an adult. Inter* is an umbrella term for many different variations in sex characertistics.

What we offer

Counselling for inter* individuals (and their loved ones) by inter* counsellors – possible questions could be

  • An i inter*?
  • I have (not) been diagnosed by the medical system – what does that mean?
  • How can i find out more about my own body?
  • How can i talk about myself being inter*?
  • How can i meet other inter* people?
  • How can i change the gendermarker in my official documents?

Counselling sessions are free of charge and can be held in German or English, online, on the phone, via email or in person. Book an appointment via If you feel comfortable saying a few words about your topic(s) in your email please do so as this allows us to be (more) prepared.

Inter* Meetups
Group meetings for inter* individuals to get to know each other and hang out (sometimes online). In German and English – send us an Email if you are interested to join:

Workshops and Talks on inter* topics such as

  • Inter*, what’s that? – The Basics
  • Where’s the ‘I’ in LGBTIQA+?
  • Inter* topics in social, pedagogic and health professions

We offer Workshops and talks in German and English – get in touch via!

Consultation for professionals who (potentially) work with inter* individuals or do research on inter* topics
We offer to feedback projects/concepts/text on inter* topics from an inter* perspective. The consultations are free of charge, can be held in English or German, online or in person at our Office. Get in touch via!

Most of our publications are in German only, however we’d like to provide a list of Resources in English by other organizations that we’d recommend:

Support us

You can support us with a donation to:

TransInterQueer e.V.
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(donations are tax-deductible in Germany)

Or by volunteering:
We’re always looking for people to volunteer for smaller tasks – please get in touch if you are interested and want to share a skill! Reach us via Email:

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